Jan 23rd General Meeting

Meet us at the Hospitality Room of Colonial Hills United Methodist Church

General Meeting – The first of 2019!

colonial hills meeting
6:00pm entry, 6:30pm start time.O

6:00pm entry, 6:30pm start time.O

San Antonio Water System rates for 2018

Fellow CHNA Members,

This is a reminder that follows up the schedule of 2019 meetings I sent out some time ago. Here is the 
information about this upcoming meeting:

WHEN:          Wednesday, January 23.

TIME:           6:30 p.m., with “snack ‘n’ visit” starting at 6:00.

WHERE:         Colonial Hills United Methodist Church (CHUMC)
                Hospitality Center.
                 5247 Vance Jackson Road, not a quarter-mile up Vance
                Jackson from Callaghan, on the left.

                The Hospitality Center is facing Vance Jackson at the north
                of the very large main parking lot. It will be lit up and obvious.

MEETING        ✔ Introduction of new SAPD SAFFE Officer Steve Beilstein
HIGHLIGHTS:       He is assigned from the Northwest (Prue) Substation to cover Colonial
                  Hills following the retirement on January 11 of Officer Donnie Milewski.

                  SAFFE has been critically important to Colonial Hills, which is why
                  we need to hear from our new officer.

                ✔ TCI explains how it intends to handle the upcoming Marlborough repaving

                  The engineer or engineers responsible (I’m about to receive his/her/their
                  name[s] from District 1, which will be in the meeting agenda you’ll receive
                  when you walk in) will be there, along with Martza Carmiol, our superb
                  District 1 representative from Councilman Trevino, who will introduce him/
                  her/them and help us stay “on task” with the answers to questions you no
                  doubt will have after the notorious performance of TCI’s contractor in the
                  painful and nearly endless Tiffany sidewalks project last year.

                  Getting some firm commitments from TCI is especially important given that
                  this is not just an overlayering as was done on Briarfield last year but a removal
                  of several inches of pavement and underlayment and then replacing it all.

 SAWS representative(s) defend its seemingly never-ending rate increases
                  and reveal what upgrades, renovations, or other disruptive interventions
                  are on tap this year for Colonial Hills.

                  As with the TCI portion of the meeting, I’ll have the name(s) in the agenda
                  of whoever has been assigned by SAWS to meet with us.

 There are other items, but these give you the flavor of the meeting (chocolate
                  mint, perhaps).
And finally . . .

For reference, here again is the CHNA general meeting schedule for 2019 (please note that these
meetings are regularized to occur on the fourth Wednesday of the first month of each quarter):

First-Quarter Meeting      6:30 p.m. (6:00 for “snack ‘n’ visit”) Wednesday, January 23, at the
                        Colonial Hills United Methodist Church Hospitality Center

Second-Quarter Meeting   6:30 p.m. (6:00 for “snack ‘n’ visit”) Wednesday, April 24, at the
                        Colonial Hills United Methodist Church Hospitality Center

                       IF YOU WANT THEM.

                          6:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 24, at a venue you’ll hear about well in
                       advance of this event. This is a sort of traditional summer event,
                       held every summer from the beginning (I’m pretty sure).

                         (This has been held several times at Mamacita’s, which, as those who
                       have been there for this event know, is a truly fine venue for it. There
                       are a couple of other places where we have gone, one of them Big
                       Slice Pizza on the east side of Vance Jackson (right where Mossrock
                       dead-ends), but, sadly, Big Slice died recently.)

Fourth-Quarter Meeting    6:30 p.m. (6:00 for “snack ‘n’ visit”) Wednesday, October 23, at the
                        Colonial Hills United Methodist Church Hospitality Center
                        This is the annual meeting at which new officers are elected to
                        serve for the next 12 months.

See you at the meeting on Wednesday evening.

Rick Christensen

Author: colonialhills

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