Become a Household Member of CHNA!

Advantages of Household Membership

CHNA benefits


Connecting with your neighbors is important on personal, social and safety levels. We maintain our members email distribution list, a newsletter, and facebook membership page to keep CHNA households connected, informed and active with the direction of our neighborhood.

Taking a few opportunities throughout the year to remain in touch is a huge benefit of CHNA membership. This keeps you informed and connected on a face-to-face basis. CHNA also develops care for one another as neighbors through small acts of kindness to fulfill neighborly needs.


Staying connected to your neighbors enhances your daily living and helps us as a neighborhood to deter crime. Knowing that there has been an increase in criminal activity, large or small, can help us stay alert and aware of the newest ways criminals are working to disturb our families and homes.

Knowing your neighbors better also helps them aid in your safety, to watch out for you and know your habits so suspicious activity is more easily spotted.

We also rely on you to suggest safety measures and bring your lending hands to patrol and heighten awareness when needed.

General Meetings

Typically we also meet as a neighborhood during 4 general meetings a year. This provides you with information about current neighborhood concerns and goals. Meetings also include city and important community speakers sharing what is important for our neighbors including city public works, improvements, health and wellness, SAPD, safety measures, national events, neighborhood business connections and more!

Voting Voice

Your voice is heard through voting for your neighborhood board members, and voting on special neighborhood measures. Your vote is important in selecting the group of neighbors who will continue running the CHNA association to the best we can as a community.

Voting on relevant issues is encouraged. A recent example is a zoning issue for a nearby development prompted our board to research, invest time to meet with developers and inform CHNA neighbors of a new business by our neighborhood. The city of San Antonio relied on our meetings and votes to determine city approval of the businesses zoning changes.


In 2016 we are incorporating a newsletter for members of Colonial Hills.  The newsletter will be filled with great information about our neighborhood, community and businesses.  You will hear about our social gatherings, CHNA meetings and neighborhood projects and special celebrations, as well as all the great neighborhood accomplishments.

Neighborhood Up-keep & Improvements

Beyond the personal advantages of joining, you are helping the neighborhood as a whole with your membership dues.  The dues help our neighborhood reach its full potential, an aspect all homeowners and neighbors can enjoy! Improvements as a neighborhood is also a great asset to property values of our homes.

Low dues

$20 a year? that’s all? Dues for household membership are kept to a minimum with more members. Since we are a volunteer association, we benefit in having such a low cost to join, while other neighborhoods run by property management  associations typically charge $250 and up a year. Each household’s involvement is a great advantage to accomplishing CHNA goals and support our neighborhood efforts.

Future endeavors the board and association contribute to for the benefit of the neighborhood are funded by these dues.

We need 100% participation yearly to increase what we can do for our loved Colonial Hills because dues are so low.

Signup and Renewals occur in October of each year. If you renew/signup during a different month, your renewal is still due in October. We do not keep a rolling membership by month because of the admin involved in tracking constantly.

Ask about a scholarship or discount of the $20 if you are in hardship.

2 methods available to apply!

#1 Apply for Household Membership via Paper Copy:

You can apply by printing and filling out this CHNA household printable membership form.

You may pay via check or online below – just make note of it on the form.

Turn it into the person listed and a board member will be in touch shortly.

If you need a board member to bring an application to you, let one of them know here and we’ll setup a time to drop by!

#2 Apply Online:

Household Membership Submission Form


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Online Payment:

Fill out and submit form above first. Then go to to pay online.

Questions? Contact Yvonne Deleon – CHNA Treasurer via the contact form on this site.