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Original builders

L.B. Pletz & Sons – Original Builders


Drawings for original announcement of homes



The neighborhood of Colonial Hills in San Antonio, Texas was built and established between 1959 and 1966.

Some of the homes were constructed by well-known architects like Mormon Mok in iconoclastic styles.

When Colonial Hills was established, a press release disclosed that Colonial Hills was “A Sound and Protected Investment . . . . and  A Respected Address..”  Colonial Hills was called “everything in good living.”

The property divisions were mapped in such a way to give generous property space to each homeowner both for the front and backyards. This is an excellent neighborhood to have a dog, get into gardening or any hobby that requires some outdoor space.

No two homes are alike, in that they were built with different theme and architecture in mind.

50th Anniversary


It is amazing that after over 50 years, nothing in that respect has changed!

In a 50th anniversary newspaper clipping, the original beloved CHNA President, Rod Bowles said:

“People tell us that they lived in some other part of town and were there for years and years and barely got to know their next-door neighbors.  And they move in here and within a month, they know, have met, or been invited to dinner at their neighbor’s.  And very soon, they know everybody on their street. “

The article also quotes our Current wonderful  Treasurer, Barb Chandler: “The 50-year anniversary began as an excuse for us to throw a community-wide party.”

Colonial Hills Neighborhood Association had the honor of getting to hear from an original builder of Colonial Hills, Buddy Pletz, who graciously provided the following 3 photographs of colonial hills.

The neighborhood met with him recently. See the event here.

Original newspaper ad from 1961

Original newspaper ad from 1961

IMG_20140428_210917011, San Antonio Express News, published Colonial Hills on the Front Page of its real-estate Section. Our quaint neighborhood was beautifully highlighted for all of the city to learn about. Click on any of the pictures below for the San Antonio Express News article.





In 2011, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Colonial Hills, a large celebration was held.  Several homes of the neighborhood were part of the renowned Parade of Homes.  The public was invited to tour selected homes of Colonial Hills,and enjoy the beautiful variety of architectural styles that the neighborhood offers.

Also in 2011, the first organized neighborhood association was formed. The board members were:

  • Barb Chandler
  • Erin Lobosco
  • Esther Foster
  • Rose Goetsch
  • Roxy Meurer
  • Jan Organ
  • Ela Poursani
  • Rod Bowles

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Are you a Member of Colonial Hills with photographs or pieces of the Colonial Hills Neighborhood History? Contact us to submit your own.