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The Colonial Hills Neighborhood Association was founded in 2011 by a group of neighbors that wanted to make a difference and better the neighborhood.  Yet, the neighborhood itself was established 50 years ago in 1961, accounting for its beautiful range of architecture and mature oak trees.  Colonial Hills is the  mid-century modern corner of San Antonio, Texas.

Mission Statement of the Colonial Hills Neighborhood Association in San  Antonio, Texas

  • Elevating and promoting the image of the neighborhood;

  • creating a safe living environment 24 hours a day;

  • having an effective unified voice to address issues that impact the neighborhood;

  • conducting social activities that create a greater sense of neighborhood pride;

  • enhancing property values;

  • promoting a sense of pride and identity among residents;

  • establishing a direct line of communication with members of the City of San Antonio and other agencies.




Many homes have gorgeously maintained  their original mid-century  architecture. You will not find two houses that look exactly like one other; they are all different and beautiful in their own way.  If you take a walk around Colonial Hills Neighborhood, you will find that the people waive to one another, and many know each other well. It always feel like home despite the fact that San Antonio, Texas is the 7th largest city of the United States.

IMG_3282Colonial Hills is near the center of this large city, but the warm, open culture gives the neighborhood a small town glow. On this note, among the finest attributes of Colonial Hills is the location itself.  The airport is less than 10 minutes away.  The medical center, professional home to every doctor one needs, is only a five minute drive.  The popular HEB grocery store can be driven to in 5 minutes as well.  If you’d like to walk, head to the healthy Sprout’s farmer’s market, less than a mile from Colonial Hills.  If you work in downtown San Antonio, the drive is only about 10 minutes.   The beautiful Phil Harderber Dog Park is likewise only 10 minutes away.  Everything that you need is within a 15 minute drive.  The central location enables residents to avoid heavy delays in annoying traffic.

IMG_3304When Colonial Hills was established, the property divisions were mapped in such a way to give generous property space to each homeowner both for the front and backyards. This is an excellent neighborhood to have a dog, get into gardening or any hobby that requires some outdoor space.

IMG_3313The neighborhood association puts on several social gatherings and get-togethers throughout each year.  At such a gathering, you will find children, babies, young couples, professionals and retirees always making for an excellent and interesting party.chna more houses

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